Brand identity and key messaging services

We absolutely love working with branding. Your company brand has the potential to win business at first glance, or turn a customer away forever. Creating such a critical piece of your marketing identity is a tactical and inspiring project.

Fresh Marketing will work collaboratively with you to understand your business, and what you offer to your clients, so we can help communicate this visually and clearly in the shortest possible instant. A strong brand is aesthetically appealing, but also speaks to the customer about why they would want to choose you.

Inspire Health & Wellness

Our strategic branding sessions will identify how to meet your branding, naming and messaging goals, and include the development of a creative brief for the designer, to ensure that they understand your brand clearly and can communicate the essence of your brand visually. If a new website is being created, we can also write a web development brief.

A branding project is not about creating a pretty logo (although that will be part of the outcome) – it’s about creating an identity that showcases your company to the world. Your brand should shine through in all communications, collateral, the language your team use, your signage and website – and the way you work.

Creating a clearly delineated brand allows all your channels of communication to work together, and create a brand identity that is greater than the sum of its parts. Ask us more about our branding services.