Google Ads & Social promotion

Google Ads and online promotion through social media and display advertising are effective and commonly used ways to promote your website online and complement work on natural search results. Online promotion offers the ability to limit your budget and your audience on a number of criteria related to the target audience’s location, age, interests, role and industry.

Google Adwords, now called Google Ads, can enhance your SEO and can be finely tuned to attract your target market. Take advantage of our speed and experience!  We can create search engine optimised text for key website pages, make website navigation improvements and created Google Ads and Social Media campaigns to create an online traffic flow which drives profit.

Fresh Marketing Google Ads clients see marked improvements

We love beating the ‘bulk’ Adwords companies by using knowledge of our customer’s business to create tailored ads and continually improve them.

One saw web visitors increase by 45% in our first 3 month’s work. Another client was running a $2000/month campaign with one of the big Adwords companies; we ran a $1000/month campaign – and doubled the results within 10 weeks. A new client’s CPC dropped from $2.62 to 91c and their click rate jumped 200% in just 3 months. These Google Ads results are not unusual for Fresh Marketing clients.

How our Google Ads Service works for you

Fresh Marketing can conduct keyword research, set up a campaign quickly for you, set a budget and create test ads. We then continue to fine tune and manage the online promotion campaigns, and report on trends and results monthly to create continuous improvement.

Rather than charging thousands a month, we agree a set monthly fee and an Adwords spend, then every month we make improvements to the campaign that result in lower cost per click and more clicks, year after year.

Extra insight with Google Analytics & Monthly Online Reporting

Google Analytics are a great tool for tracking and measuring your website’s performance. Fresh Marketing can set up your Analytics account and link it to your Adwords account – and we can set measurable goals that are meaningful to your business to track your effectiveness.

Talk to us about how to compliment your organic search results with paid online promotion.