Hard working web content creation & search engine optimisation

Copywriting for websites is a niche service. Ideally your website content is written in a way that appeals to your target market viewers – as well as working hard to improve every web page’s SEO. This mixture of brand language and tone with the technical intricacies of search engine optimisation is the holy grail of website copywriting.

Fresh Marketing’s website copywriting service is one of our most popular offerings and has delivered great results for our clients. We aim to finetune copy to be visually easy to read, convey your brand voice, hit the right level of technical-speak – and deliver up all the right cues to search bots so that your site is indexed by Google and ranked well for the correct search terms.

Get found with great search engine optimisation

Fresh Marketing’s SEO service will bring more visitors to your site, and save thousands of dollars on advertising by writing effective search engine optimised web copy, and using targeted meta text to boost your SEO. Strong SEO acts as a funnel, bringing new visitors to your company website via natural searches and exposing them to your brand. Each page should act as a search engine funnel, attracting people searching for the exact subject covered in the page content.

If search engines can’t detect recent, relevant content on your site, those countless visitors using Google search may never find you. In the vivid, active, instant world of the web, effective and strongly search engine optimised copy is more important than ever.

Knowing what your target market are searching for is a fine science and as well as keyword research, we will use Google Analytics tools and competitor analysis to inform the SEO strategy for your business. We’ll also talk about which other mediums will work for your website and utilise all possible SEO tactics. We are confident we can beat the ‘big guys’ because we use proven tactics and we work to really understand your business.

How important is my website’s meta content?

Writing effective meta content is an essential part of creating strong website SEO; and because of our hybrid skill-set this process of search optimastion and website content creation can be streamlined and meta text will be delivered along with the website copy for each key page – it’s all part of the service.

How can you manage the cost of website copy?

Refreshing website copy: We regularly work with clients to identify the most critical pages in a website and create copy that works for those web pages in the initial stage. We then spread the content creation and copywriting for the remaining pages over a period of time, working through SEO for 2-3 per month until the entire website is re-written and thoroughly optimised.

Creating new website copy: With a new site there are often sections you can look at expanding or even adding to your website later. We’ll work with you to decide which pages are critical for launch, and what can wait. However, depending on your offering and your website, often it is worth an inital outlay to hit the market word-perfect from the start.

What about creating new website copy?

Good catch – fresh web content is essential for maintaining strong natural search rankings.

That’s why we regularly create blog or ‘News’ articles, case studies and client success stories to ensure a steady flow of fresh, search engine optimised content for your website!

What have we done?

Since 2006, we’ve been privileged to write website content for some truly fantastic clients in Australia and New Zealand, across a wide range of industries – and we’ve seen some impressive results.

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Let’s talk about how we can get your website copy reading well and ranking optimally!